Dream Bigger, Believe Bigger
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"Whatever you're Thinking, Think Much Bigger!"

About Dan

Dan Caldwell, Co-Founder and President of TapouT. Started In 1997 when he and a Partner put what little money they had together, and formed the apparel company whose revenues are now in the hundreds of Millions!

The brand, now instantly recognizable by people around the world, is the industry leader in its space, and makes an entire line of clothing, footwear, training equipment, accessories, as well as a Sports Drink, TapouTXT Workout, a Magazine and has it’s own TapouT Gyms!

Dan has been featured on CNN, FOX Business, Bloomberg News, a CNBC Business Special, Tony Robbins Infomercial, Forbes, INC. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and even a character in a video game.

He has been acting and producing movies, having worked on Lionsgate’s “Warrior”, among others, as well as the TapouT TV Series, which aired on Versus (Now NBC Sports). In addition he is the host of his own TapouT Radio show on SiriusXM.

Dan was disturbed, that as a youth growing up in a poor neighborhood, in San Bernardino California, he had no real mentors to look up to. Because of this it has become both his mission, and his passion, to make an impact on students lives.

In 2009 his partner was killed by a drunk driver, but before passing he wrote, “It may not be me that touches a million people, but maybe I’ll touch that one that touches a million!” Dan believes this to be his mission in life. A Southern California resident, and proud father of 3, Caldwell now Speaks to thousands every year, traveling around the world and inspiring others through his Amazing Story!

Speaking Program


Student Events Speech for High Schools / Colleges
35 minutes - 1 hour

Dan has strong feelings about his obligation to speak to tomorrow's future leaders. He absolutely loves speaking to students.

Dan's gift to connect with students has allowed him to leave a lasting impression. Students are left with the tools to build self esteem, encouraged to commit to greatness, and they are left empowered to Think Much Bigger. Dan's personal story of struggle and victory, can be life-changing for students and can create a positive intervention when it is most crucial. Dan leaves his audience energized and ready to ignite their dreams... Sharing his story so that others may find theirs.


"Whatever you're Thinking, Think Much Bigger!"

What People Say

  • I believe you inspired everyone in that room and for that I thank you.

    Nikolas Student

  • To date, students are still talking about your story when they are in my office.

    Mr. Jose Vasquez Dean of Students, Gahr High School

  • I truly believe this was a life-changing event for particular students. I began to let myself become careless about my schoolwork and how I performed, what was the point of doing good if no one will notice? Thanks to you, I did not give up. I just wanted to let you know that you did change someone’s outlook on life, you changed mine. This is why I wrote this letter.

    Rosie Student

  • I highly recommend this presentation to any administrators, teachers and or staff in any school to inspire and motivate students and athletes mentally, physically, emotionally, academically and athletically to continuously dream big in life.

    Mr. Rob Matchett Teacher, Gahr High School

  • The talk gave me the motivation to do something with my life. Now I have a dream to go to college and do something big.

    Xavier Student

  • Because of your story it increased my drive to get my pilot certificate, and to graduate.

    Reileen Student

  • I personally gained a lot of confidence and I’m already beginning to take action in order to raise my grades and do better in my sport.

    Erendira Student

  • TapouT Exemplifies the American Dream! A Great American Success Story.

    Forbes Business


Dan is an in-demand speaker who has a passion to work with students.  He is committed to leaving a lasting change in their lives. For more information on how to get Dan to your event, please email or call the number below, and someone will respond within 24 hrs. Let Dan give your students the tools they need to Think Much Bigger! Your students will thank you!



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